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7. In the value field, type 13.2 , and then click OK .
The Scenario Values dialog box closes, and the Scenario Manager is displayed again.
8. If necessary, drag the Scenario Manager dialog box to another location on the
screen so that you can view the entire table.
9. In the Scenario Manager dialog box, click Show .
Excel applies the scenario, changing the value in cell C5 to $13.20 , which in turn
increases the value in cell E8 to $747,450,000.00 .
Troubleshooting The appearance of buttons and groups on the ribbon changes depending
on the width of the program window. For information about changing the appearance of
the ribbon to match our screen images, see “Modifying the Display of the Ribbon” at the
beginning of this topic.
10. In the Scenario Manager dialog box, click Close .
11. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Undo button.
Excel removes the effect of the scenario.
CLEAN UP Save the 2DayScenario workbook, and then close it.
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