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Important If you save a workbook with the results of a Goal Seek calculation in place, you will
overwrite the values in your workbook.
In the dialog box, you identify the cell with the target value; in this example, it is cell C4,
which has the percentage of costs accounted for by the Labor category. The To Value
field has the target value (.2, which is equivalent to 20 percent), and the By Changing
Cell field identifies the cell with the value Excel should change to generate the target
value of 20 percent in cell C4. In this example, the cell to be changed is C3.
Clicking OK tells Excel to find a solution for the goal you set. When Excel finishes its
work, the new values appear in the designated cells, and the Goal Seek Status dialog
box opens.
Tip Goal Seek finds the closest solution it can without exceeding the target value. In this case,
the closest percentage it could find was 19.97 percent.
In this exercise, you’ll use Goal Seek to determine how much you need to decrease
transportation costs so those costs make up no more than 40 percent of Consolidated
Messenger’s operating costs.
SET UP You need the TargetValues_start workbook located in your Chapter08
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the TargetValues_start workbook,
and save it as TargetValues . Then follow the steps.
1. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click What-If Analysis and then, in the
list, click Goal Seek .
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