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You add constraints to the Solver problem by selecting the cells to which you want to
apply the constraint, selecting the comparison operation (such as less than or equal
to, greater than or equal to, or must be an integer), and clicking in the Constraint box
to select the cell with the value of the constraint. You could also type a value in the
Constraint box, but referring to a cell makes it possible for you to change the
constraint later without opening Solver.
Tip After you run Solver, you can use the commands in the Solver Results dialog box to save
the results as changes to your worksheet or create a scenario based on the changed data.
In this exercise, you’ll use Solver to determine the best mix of ads given the following
You want to maximize the number of people who see the ads.
You must buy at least 8 ads in 3 magazines and at least 10 in the fourth.
You can’t buy part of an ad (that is, all numbers must be integers).
You can buy no more than 20 ads in any one magazine.
You must reach at least 10,000,000 people.
Your ad budget is $3,000,000.
SET UP You need the AdBuy_start workbook located in your Chapter08 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the AdBuy_start workbook, and save it as
AdBuy . Then follow the steps.
1. If the Solver button doesn’t appear in the Analysis group on the Data tab, follow
the instructions from earlier in this section to install it.
2. In the Analysis group on the Data tab, click Solver .
The Solver Parameters dialog box opens.
3. Click in the Set Objective box, and then click cell G9 .
$G$9 appears in the Set Objective field.
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