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4. Select the Summary statistics check box.
5. Click OK .
A new worksheet that contains summary statistics about the selected data appears.
CLEAN UP Save the DriverSortTimes workbook, and then close it. If you’re not
continuing directly to the next chapter, exit Excel.
Key Points
Scenarios enable you to describe many potential business cases within a single
It’s usually a good idea to create a “normal” scenario that enables you to reset
your worksheet.
Remember that you can change up to 32 cells in a scenario, but no more.
You can summarize your scenarios on a new worksheet to compare how each
scenario approaches the data.
Use Goal Seek to determine what value you need in a single cell to generate the
desired result from a formula.
If you want to vary the values in more than one cell to find the optimal mix of inputs
for a calculation, use the Solver Add-In.
Advanced statistical tools are available in the Analysis ToolPak—use them to examine
your data thoroughly.
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