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For example, if the PivotTable’s Center field contains the values Atlantic, Central, Midwest,
Mountain West, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest, typing
the character string “No” limits the values to North Central , Northeast , and Northwest .
Tip Search filters look for the character string you specify anywhere within a field’s value,
not just at the start of the value. In the previous example, the search filter string “cen” would
return both Central and North Central .
In versions of Excel prior to Excel 2010, the only visual indication that you had applied a
filter to a field was the indicator added to a field’s filter arrow. The indicator told users
that there was an active filter applied to that field but provided no information on
which values were displayed and which were hidden. In Excel 2010, Slicers provide a
visual indication of which items are currently displayed or hidden in a PivotTable.
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