Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
20. In the Slicer, click Midwest , and then, while holding down the Ctrl key, click
Mountain West and then Northwest .
Excel filters the PivotTable so it displays results for the Midwest, Mountain West,
and Northwest centers.
21. In the upper-right corner of the Slicer, click the Clear Filter button.
Excel removes the filter from the Center field.
22. Right-click the Slicer, and then click Remove "Center" .
Excel closes the Slicer.
CLEAN UP Save the Focusing workbook, and then close it.
Editing PivotTables
After you create a PivotTable, you can rename it, edit it to control how it summarizes your
data, and use the PivotTable cell data in a formula. As an example, consider a PivotTable
named PivotTable2 that summarizes package volumes for every Consolidated Messengers
regional distribution hub.
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