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You can also change how the PivotTable displays the data in the Values area. On the Show
Values As page of the Value Field Settings dialog box, you can select whether to display
each cell’s percentage contribution to its column’s total, its row’s total, or its contribution
to the total of all values displayed in the PivotTable.
If you want, you can create a formula that incorporates a value from a PivotTable cell.
To do so, you click the cell where you want to create the formula, type an equal sign,
and then click the cell in the PivotTable that contains the data you want to appear in the
other cell. A GETPIVOTDATA formula appears in the formula box of the worksheet that
contains the PivotTable. When you press Enter, Excel creates the GETPIVOTDATA formula
and displays the contents of the PivotTable cell in the target cell.
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