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Formatting PivotTables
PivotTables are the ideal tools for summarizing and examining large data tables, even
those containing more than 10,000 or even 100,000 rows. Even though PivotTables often
end up as compact summaries, you should do everything you can to make your data more
comprehensible. One way to improve your data’s readability is to apply a number format
to the PivotTable Values field. To apply a number format to a field, right-click any cell in the
field, and then click Number Format to display the Format Cells dialog box. Select or define
the format you want to apply, and then click OK to enact the change.
See Also For more information on selecting and defining cell formats by using the Format
Cells dialog box, see “Formatting Cells” in Chapter 4, “Changing Workbook Appearance.”
Analysts often use PivotTables to summarize and examine organizational data with an
eye to making important decisions about the company. For example, chief operating
officer Lori Penor might examine monthly package volumes handled by Consolidated
Messenger and notice that there’s a surge in package volume during the winter months
in the United States.
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