Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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21. Select the cell ranges K6:K17 and K19:K30 .
22. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Conditional Formatting , point to
Color Scales , and in the top row, click the second three-color scale from the left.
Excel applies the conditional format to the selected cells.
CLEAN UP Save the Formatting workbook, and then close it.
Creating PivotTables from External Data
Although most of the time you will create PivotTables from data stored in Excel worksheets,
you can also bring data from outside sources into Excel. For example, you might need
to work with data created in another spreadsheet program with a file format that Excel
can’t read directly. Fortunately, you can export the data from the original program into a
text file, which Excel then translates into a worksheet.
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