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On this page, you can change the data type and formatting of the columns in your data.
Because you’ll assign number styles and PivotTable Quick Styles after you create the
PivotTable, you can click Finish to import the data into your worksheet. After the data is
in Excel, you can work with it normally.
In this exercise, you’ll import data into Excel from a text file and then create a PivotTable
based on that data.
SET UP You need the Creating_start text file located in your Chapter09 practice file
folder to complete this exercise.
1. Create a new Excel workbook. On the Data tab, click the Get External Data button,
and then click From Text .
The Import Text File dialog box opens.
2. Navigate to the Chapter09 practice file folder, and then double-click
Creating_start.txt .
The Text Import wizard starts.
3. Verify that the Delimited option is selected, and then click Next .
The next Text Import Wizard page opens.
4. In the Delimiters area, verify that the Tab check box is selected and also verify
that the data displayed in the Data preview area reflects the structure you
5. Click Finish .
Clicking Finish skips page 3 of the wizard, which has commands you can use
to assign specific data types to each column. Excel assigns data types for you,
so you don’t need to do so. After you click Finish, the Import Data dialog box
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