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When you click a chart subtype, Excel creates the chart by using the default layout and
color scheme defined in your workbook’s theme.
Keyboard Shortcut Press F11 to create a chart of the default type. Unless you or another user
changed the default, Excel creates a column chart.
See Also To see a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard Shortcuts” at the end of
this topic.
If Excel doesn’t plot your data the way you want it to, you can change the axis on
which Excel plots a data column. The most common reason for incorrect data plotting
is that the column to be plotted on the horizontal axis contains numerical data instead
of textual data. For example, if your data includes a Year column and a Volume column,
instead of plotting volume data for each consecutive year along the horizontal axis,
Excel plots both of those columns in the body of the chart and creates a sequential
series to provide values for the horizontal axis.
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