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To move the chart to a new chart sheet, select the New Sheet option and type the
new sheet’s name in the accompanying field. Selecting the New Sheet option creates
a chart sheet that contains only your chart. You can still resize the chart on that sheet,
but when Excel creates the new chart sheet, the chart takes up the full sheet.
To move the chart to an existing worksheet, select the Object In option and then, in the
Object In list, click the worksheet to which you want to move the chart.
In this exercise, you’ll create a chart, change how the chart plots your data, move your
chart within a worksheet, and move your chart to its own chart sheet.
SET UP You need the YearlyPackageVolume_start workbook located in your
Chapter10 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the
YearlyPackageVolume_start workbook, and save it as YearlyPackageVolume .
Then follow the steps.
1. On the Data worksheet, click any cell in the Excel table.
2. On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, click Bar and then, in the 2D Bar group,
click the first chart subtype. (The chart subtype is named Clustered Bar ).
Excel creates the chart, with both the Year and Volume data series plotted in the
body of the chart.
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