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it ideal for use in summary worksheets. As an example, suppose Lori Penor wanted to
summarize the monthly revenue data for one of Consolidated Messenger’s local branches.
Lori can create three types of sparklines: line, column, and win/loss. The line and column
sparklines are compact versions of the standard line and column charts. The win/loss
sparkline indicates whether a cell value is positive (a win), negative (a loss), or zero (a tie).
To create a line sparkline, you select the data you want to summarize and then, on the
Insert tab, in the Sparklines group, click the Line button. When you do, Excel 2010
displays the Create Sparklines dialog box.
The data range you selected appears in the Data Range box. If the data range is not
correct, you can click the Collapse Dialog button to the right of the Data Range box,
select the correct cells, and then click the Expand Dialog button. Then, in the Location
Range box, type the address of the cell into which you want to place your sparkline.
When you click OK, Excel creates a line sparkline in the cell you specified.
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