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Months in which Consolidated Messenger’s branch exceeded its revenue target appear
in the top half of the cell in blue, months in which the branch fell short of its target
appear in the bottom half of the cell in red, and the month in which the revenue was
exactly the same as the target is blank.
After you create a sparkline, you can change its appearance. Because a sparkline takes up
the entire interior of a single cell, resizing that cell’s row or column resizes the sparkline.
You can also change a sparkline’s formatting. When you click a sparkline, Excel displays
the Sparkline Tools Design contextual tab.
You can use the tools on the Design contextual tab to select a new style; show or hide
value markers; change the color of your sparkline or the markers; edit the data used to
create the sparkline; modify the labels on the sparkline’s axes; or group, ungroup, or clear
sparklines. You can’t delete a sparkline by clicking its cell and then pressing the Delete or
Backspace key—you must click the cell and then, on the Design contextual tab of the
ribbon, click the Clear button.
Tip Remember that sparklines work best when displayed in compact form. If you find yourself
adding markers and labels to a sparkline, you might consider using a regular chart to take
advantage of its wider range of formatting and customization options.
In this exercise, you’ll create a line, column, and win/loss sparkline, change the sparkline’s
formatting, and clear a sparkline from a cell.
SET UP You need the RevenueSummary_start workbook located in your Chapter10
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the RevenueSummary_start
workbook, and save it as RevenueSummary . Then follow the steps.
1. Select the cell range C3:C14 .
2. On the Insert tab, in the Sparklines group, click Line .
The Create Sparklines dialog box opens.
3. Verify that C3:C14 appears in the Data Range box. Then, in the Location Range
box, type G3 and click OK .
Excel 2010 creates a line sparkline in cell G3.
4. Select the cell range C3:C14 .
5. On the Insert tab, in the Sparklines group, click Column .
The Create Sparklines dialog box opens.
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