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To add a shape to your worksheet, click the Insert tab and then, in the Illustrations group,
click the Shapes button to display the shapes available. When you click a shape in the
gallery, your mouse pointer changes from a white arrow to a thin black crosshair. To
draw your shape, click anywhere in the worksheet and drag the mouse pointer until
your shape is the size you want. When you release the mouse button, your shape
appears and Excel displays the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab on the ribbon.
Tip Holding down the Shift key while you draw a shape keeps the shape’s proportions constant.
For example, clicking the Rectangle tool and then holding down the Shift key while you draw
the shape causes you to draw a square.
You can resize a shape by clicking the shape and then dragging one of the resizing handles
around the edge of the shape. Dragging a handle on a side of the shape lets you drag that
side to a new position; dragging a handle on the corner of the shape lets you affect height
and width simultaneously. If you hold down the Shift key while you drag a shape’s corner,
Excel keeps the shape’s height and width in proportion as you drag the corner. To rotate a
shape, select the shape and then drag the green circle at the top of the selection outline in
a circle until the shape is in the orientation you want.
Tip You can assign your shape a specific height and width by clicking the shape and then,
on the Format contextual tab, in the Size group, typing the values you want in the height
and width boxes.
After you create a shape, you can use the controls on the Format contextual tab to change
its formatting. To apply a pre-defined style, click the More button at the bottom right
corner of the Shape Styles group’s gallery and then click the style you want to apply.
If none of the pre-defined styles are exactly what you want, you can use the Shape
Fill, Shape Outline, and Shape Effects buttons’ options to change those aspects of the
shape’s appearance.
Tip When you point to a formatting option, such as a style or option displayed in the Shape
Fill, Shape Outline, or Shape Effects lists, Excel displays a live preview of how your shape would
appear if you applied that formatting option. You can preview as many options as you like
before committing to a change.
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