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Printing Parts of Worksheets
Excel gives you a great deal of control over what your worksheets look like when you
print them, but you also have a lot of control over which parts of your worksheets will
be printed. For example, you can use the commands available on the Print page of the
Backstage view to choose which pages of a multipage worksheet you want to print.
In the Settings area of the Print page of the Backstage view, you can ill in the page
numbers you want to print in the Pages From and To boxes.
Tip You can also use the Page Break Preview window to determine which pages to print, and
if the pages aren’t in an order you like, you can use the commands on the Sheet page of the
Page Setup dialog box to change the order in which they will be printed.
Another way you can modify how a worksheet will be printed is to have Excel it the entire
worksheet on a specified number of pages. For example, you can have Excel resize a
worksheet so that it will it on a single printed page. Fitting a worksheet onto a single page is a
handy tool when you need to add a sales or other summary to a report and don’t want to
spread important information across more than one page.
To have Excel it a worksheet on a set number of pages, display the Page Layout tab and
use the controls in the Scale To Fit group. In the Width and Height lists, you can select
how many pages wide or tall you want your printout to be.
If you want to print a portion of a worksheet instead of the entire worksheet, you can
define the area or areas you want to have printed. To identify the area of the worksheet
you want to print, select the cells with the data you want to print and, on the Page Layout
tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area and then click Set Print Area. Excel marks the
area with a dotted line around the border of the selected cells and prints only the cells
you selected. To remove the selection, click Print Area, and then click Clear Print Area.
Tip You can include noncontiguous groups of cells in the area to be printed by holding down
the Ctrl key as you select the cells.
After you define a print area, you can use the Page Setup dialog box to position the print
area on the page. Specifically, you can have Excel center the print area on the page by
selecting the Horizontally and Vertically check boxes in the Center On Page area of the
Margins page.
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