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6. Under Pages in the Settings area, in the From field, type 1 ; in the To field, type 2 .
7. On the ribbon, click the Page Layout tab; in the Scale to Fit group, click the
Width arrow and then, in the list that appears, click 1 page .
8. Click the Height arrow and then, in the list that appears, click 2 pages .
Excel resizes your worksheet so that it will it on two printed pages. The new scaling
and size values appear in the Scale To Fit group on the Page Layout tab.
9. Select the cell range A1:E8 , hold down the Ctrl key, and then select the cell range
A38:E45 .
10. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area , and then click
Set Print Area .
11. Click the Page Setup dialog box launcher.
The Page Setup dialog box opens.
12. On the Margins page of the dialog box, in the Center on page area, select the
Horizontally and Vertically check boxes.
13. Click Print Preview .
Excel displays your worksheet in the Backstage view.
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