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3. Verify that the Print Selected Chart option is selected, and then click Print (or click
any tab on the ribbon to exit the Backstage view if you don’t want to print the chart).
CLEAN UP Close the CorporateRevenue workbook. If you’re not continuing directly
to the next chapter, exit Excel.
Key Points
Through the new Backstage view, Excel gives you complete control over how your
worksheets appear on the printed page. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you
find a look you like.
Displaying a worksheet in the Backstage view enables you to see what your
worksheet will look like on paper before you print, which is a useful feature, especially if
you’re using an expensive color printer.
You can preview where the page breaks will fall when you print a worksheet, and
you can change them if you want.
Don’t forget that you can have Excel avoid printing error codes! You can repeat
rows or columns in a printed worksheet.
If you want to print a chart without printing the rest of the accompanying worksheet,
be sure to select the chart before you start the printing procedure.
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