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When you open a macro-enabled workbook, the Excel program-level security settings
might prevent the workbook from running the macro code. When that happens, Excel
displays a security warning on the Message Bar.
Troubleshooting The appearance of buttons and groups on the ribbon changes depending
on the width of the program window. For information about changing the appearance of
the ribbon to match our screen images, see “Modifying the Display of the Ribbon” at the
beginning of this topic.
Clicking the Enable Content button lets the workbook use its macros. Always take the
time to verify the workbook’s source and consider whether you expected the workbook
to contain macros before you enable the content. If you decide not to enable the macros
in a workbook, click the Close button at the right edge of the Message Bar.
You can change your program-level security settings to make them more or less restrictive;
to do so, click the File tab, click Options, and then, in the Excel Options dialog box, click the
Trust Center category. On the page that appears, click the Trust Center Settings button to
display the Trust Center dialog box.
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