Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Keyboard Shortcut You can also open and close the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt+F11.
See Also To see a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard Shortcuts” at the end of
this topic.
Excel macros are recorded by using VBA. Consider, for example, the code for a macro that
selects the cell range C4:C9 and changes the cells’ formatting to bold. The first line of the
macro identifies the cell range to be selected (in this case, cells C4:C9). After the macro
selects the cells, the next line of the macro changes the formatting of the selected cells to
bold, which has the same result as clicking a cell and then clicking the Bold button in the
Font group on the Home tab.
To see how the macro works, you can open the Macro dialog box, click the name of the
macro you want to examine, and then click Step Into. The Visual Basic Editor opens, with
a highlight around the instruction that will be executed next.
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