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6. Click Add .
The SavingsHighlight macro appears in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar pane.
7. In the Customize Quick Access Toolbar pane, click the SavingsHighlight
8. Click Modify .
The Modify Button dialog box opens.
9. Click the blue button with the white circle inside it (the fourth button from the left
on the top row).
10. Click OK twice to close the Modify Button dialog box and the Excel Options
dialog box.
The Excel Options dialog box closes, and the View Macros and SavingsHighlight
buttons appear on the Quick Access Toolbar.
11. On the worksheet, right-click the Show Efficiency shape, and then click Assign
Macro .
The Assign Macro dialog box opens.
12. Click EficiencyHighlight , and then click OK .
The Assign Macro dialog box closes.
13. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the SavingsHighlight button.
Excel runs the macro, which applies a conditional format to the values in the
Savings column of the table on the left.
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