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After you have linked a file—for example, a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation—to
your Excel workbook, you can edit the file by right-clicking its image or icon in your
workbook and then, on the shortcut menu that appears, pointing to the appropriate Object
command and clicking Edit. For a PowerPoint file, you point to Presentation Object. The
file will open in its native application. When you finish editing the file, your changes
appear in your workbook.
Tip The specific menu item you point to changes to reflect the program used to create the
file to which you want to link. For a Word 2010 document, for example, the menu item you
point to is Document Object.
In this exercise, you’ll link a PowerPoint 2010 presentation showing a business summary
to an Excel workbook and then edit the presentation from within Excel.
Important You must have PowerPoint 2010 installed on your computer to complete this
SET UP You need the SummaryPresentation_start workbook and
the 2010YearlyRevenueSummary_start presentation located in your
Chapter13 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the
SummaryPresentation_start workbook, and save it as SummaryPresentation .
Then start PowerPoint, open the 2010YearlyRevenueSummary_start presentation,
and save it as 2010YearlyRevenueSummary . Close PowerPoint, and then follow
the steps.
1. In the SummaryPresentation workbook, on the Insert tab, in the Text group,
click Object .
The Object dialog box opens.
2. Click the Create from File tab.
The Create From File page is displayed.
3. Click Browse .
The Browse dialog box opens.
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