Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
CLEAN UP Save the RevenueChart workbook and the RevenueSummary presentation,
and exit PowerPoint. If you are not continuing directly to the next chapter, exit Excel.
Key Points
Excel is a versatile program. You can exchange data between Excel and other Office
programs in just a few steps.
One benefit of Excel is that, because it is part of Microsoft Office 2010, you can
embed Excel worksheets in other Office documents and embed other Office
documents (such as PowerPoint presentations) in Excel workbooks.
Excel works smoothly with the Web; adding hyperlinks to Web pages, other
documents, or specific locations in the current workbook is possible through the Insert
Hyperlink dialog box.
After you create a hyperlink, you can edit it to reflect changes in the target site’s
design and layout.
Excel is the easiest Microsoft Office system program in which to create charts. After
you create a chart in Excel, you can paste it directly into another Office document.
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