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There are two main ways to share a workbook with your colleagues: you can make it
available over your organization’s network, and you can send a copy of the file to your
colleagues via e-mail. Every organization’s network is different, so you should check with
your network administrators to determine the best way to share a file. Similarly, although
the specific command to attach a file to an e-mail message is different in every e-mail
program, the most common method of attaching a file is to create a new e-mail
message and then click the Attach button, as in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
In this exercise, you’ll turn on workbook sharing and then attach the file to an Outlook
2010 e-mail message.
Important You must have Outlook 2010 installed on your computer to follow this procedure
SET UP You need the CostProjections_start workbook located in your Chapter14
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the CostProjections_start
workbook, and save it as CostProjections . Then start Outlook, and follow the steps.
1. In Excel, on the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Share Workbook .
The Share Workbook dialog box opens.
2. Select the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time check box.
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