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Tip Workbook merging is the process of bringing changes from several copies of a
shared workbook into the source workbook. For more information on the topic, press
F1 to display the Excel Help dialog box, search for workbook merging, and click the
Merge Copies Of A Shared Workbook link.
3. Click OK .
A message box appears, indicating that you must save the workbook for the action
to take effect.
4. Click OK .
Excel saves and shares the workbook.
5. Click the File tab, click Save & Send , and then click Send Using E-mail .
6. Click Send as Attachment .
A new e-mail message opens with the CostProjections workbook attached.
7. Type an address in the To box.
8. Click Send .
Your e-mail program sends the message. If Excel had to open your e-mail program
to send the message, the program would close at this point.
CLEAN UP Close the CostProjections workbook.
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