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7. In the comment box, type Should see more increase as we integrate new
processes .
8. Click any cell outside the comment box.
The comment box disappears.
9. Click cell G7 .
10. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Delete .
Excel deletes the comment.
CLEAN UP Save the ProjectionsForComment workbook, and then close it.
Tracking and Managing Colleagues’ Changes
Whenever you collaborate with your colleagues to produce or edit a document, you should
consider tracking the changes each user makes. When you turn on change tracking, any
changes made to the workbook are highlighted in a color assigned to the user who made
the changes. One benefit of tracking changes is that if you have a question about a change,
you can quickly identify who made the change and verify that it is correct. In Excel, you can
turn on change tracking in a workbook by clicking the Review tab and then, in the Changes
group, clicking Track Changes and then Highlight Changes.
In the Highlight Changes dialog box that opens, select the Track Changes While Editing check
box. Selecting this check box saves your workbook, turns on change tracking, and also shares
your workbook, enabling more than one user to access the workbook simultaneously.
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