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To remove the passwords from a workbook, repeat these steps, but delete the passwords
from the Encrypt Document dialog box and save the file.
Tip The best passwords are long strings of random characters, but random characters are
hard to remember. One good method of creating hard-to-guess passwords is to base your
password on a longer phrase. For example, “I learned about passwords in Chapter 14 of
Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step ” could translate to the password IlapiC14oME2SbS. In any
event, avoid dictionary words in English or any other language, because they can be found
easily by password-guessing programs available on the Internet; include both uppercase
and lowercase letters; and use characters other than letters or numbers if possible.
If you want to allow anyone to open a workbook but want to prevent unauthorized
users from editing a worksheet, you can protect a worksheet by displaying that
worksheet, clicking the Review tab and then, in the Changes group, clicking Protect Sheet
to open the Protect Sheet dialog box.
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