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SET UP You need the ProjectionsSigned_start workbook located in your Chapter14
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the ProjectionsSigned_start
workbook, and save it as ProjectionsSigned . Then follow the steps.
1. On the Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft Office , click Microsoft
Office 2010 Tools , and then click Digital Certificate for VBA Projects .
The Create Digital Certificate dialog box opens.
2. In the Your certificate’s name box, type Excel2010SBS , and then click OK .
A message box indicates that the program created your certificate successfully.
3. Click OK .
The message box closes.
4. Click the File tab and then, if necessary, click Info . Click Protect Workbook and
then click Add a Digital Signature .
A message box appears, offering the opportunity to view signature services on
Office Marketplace.
5. Click OK .
The message box closes, and the Sign dialog box opens.
6. In the Purpose for signing this document box, type Testing .
7. Verify that the Excel2010SBS certificate appears in the Signing as area of the dialog
box, and then click Sign .
The Signature Confirmation dialog box opens.
8. Click OK .
The Signatures task pane opens and the workbook is marked as final. If you edit the
workbook, it will invalidate the digital signature, which is based on the workbook’s
contents at the time you signed it.
CLEAN UP Save the ProjectionsSigned workbook, and then close it.
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