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SET UP You need the ExceptionTracking_start workbook located in your Chapter01
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the ExceptionTracking_start file,
and save it as ExceptionTracking . Then follow the steps.
1. On the tab bar, click the Insert Worksheet button.
A new worksheet is displayed.
2. Right-click the new worksheet’s sheet tab, and then click Rename .
Excel highlights the new worksheet’s name.
3. Type 2010 , and then press Enter.
4. On the tab bar, double-click the Sheet1 sheet tab.
Excel highlights the worksheet’s name.
5. Type 2009 , and then press Enter.
6. Right-click the 2009 sheet tab, point to Tab Color , and then, in the Standard
Colors area of the color palette, click the green square.
Excel changes the 2009 sheet tab to green.
7. On the tab bar, drag the 2010 sheet tab to the left of the Scratch Pad sheet tab.
8. Right-click the 2010 sheet tab, and then click Hide .
Excel hides the 2010 worksheet.
9. Right-click the 2009 sheet tab, and then click Move or Copy .
The Move Or Copy dialog box opens.
10. Click the To book arrow, and then in the list, click (new book) .
11. Select the Create a copy check box.
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