Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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12. Click OK .
A new workbook opens, containing only the worksheet you copied into it.
13. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Save .
The Save As dialog box opens.
14. In the File name field, type 2009 Archive , and then press Enter.
Excel saves the workbook, and the Save As dialog box closes.
15. On the View tab, click the Switch Windows button, and then click
ExceptionTracking .
The ExceptionTracking workbook is displayed.
16. On the tab bar, right-click the Scratch Pad sheet tab, and then click Delete .
In the dialog box that opens, click Delete to confirm the operation.
The Scratch Pad worksheet is deleted.
17. Right-click the 2009 sheet tab, and then click Unhide .
The Unhide dialog box opens.
18. Click 2010, and then click OK .
The Unhide dialog box closes, and the 2010 worksheet is displayed in the
CLEAN UP Save and close the ExceptionTracking workbook and the 2009 Archive
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