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6. On the tab bar, click the May 13 sheet tab.
The worksheet named May 13 appears.
7. Click cell B6 .
8. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click the Delete arrow, and then in the list,
click Delete Cells .
The Delete dialog box opens.
9. If necessary, click Shift cells up , and then click OK .
The Delete dialog box closes and Excel deletes cell B6, moving the cells below it up
to ill in the gap.
10. Click cell C6 .
11. In the Cells group, in the Insert list, click Insert Cells .
The Insert dialog box opens.
12. If necessary, click Shift cells down , and then click OK .
The Insert dialog box closes, and Excel creates a new cell C6, moving cells C6:C11
down to accommodate the inserted cell.
13. In cell C6 , type 4499 , and then press Enter.
14. Select cells E13:F13 .
15. Point to the border of the selected cells. When your mouse pointer changes to a
four-pointed arrow, drag the selected cells to cells B13:C13 .
The dragged cells replace cells B13:C13.
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