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Arranging Multiple Workbook Windows
As you work with Excel, you will probably need to have more than one workbook open
at a time. For example, you could open a workbook that contains customer contact
information and copy it into another workbook to be used as the source data for a mass
mailing you create in Microsoft Word 2010. When you have multiple workbooks open
simultaneously, you can switch between them by clicking the View tab and then, in the
Window group, clicking the Switch Windows button and clicking the name of the
workbook you want to view.
You can arrange your workbooks within the Excel window so that most of the active
workbook is shown but the others are easily accessible. To do so, click the View tab and
then, in the Window group, click the Arrange All button. Then, in the Arrange Windows
dialog box, click Cascade.
Many Excel 2010 workbooks contain formulas on one worksheet that derive their value
from data on another worksheet, which means you need to change between two
worksheets every time you want to see how modifying your data changes the formula’s result.
However, an easier way to approach this is to display two copies of the same workbook
simultaneously, displaying the worksheet that contains the data in the original window
and displaying the worksheet with the formula in the new window. When you change
the data in either copy of the workbook, Excel updates the other copy. To display two
copies of the same workbook, open the desired workbook and then, in the View tab’s
Window group, click New Window. Excel opens a second copy of the workbook. To display
the workbooks side by side, on the View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All.
Then, in the Arrange Windows dialog box, click Vertical and then click OK.
If the original workbook’s name is Exception Summary , Excel 2010 displays the name
Exception Summary:1 on the original workbook’s title bar and Exception Summary:2
on the second workbook’s title bar.
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