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19. In the left tab list, click the Home tab’s expand control, click the Styles group’s
name, and then click the Add button.
The Styles group is added to the My Commands tab.
20. In the left tab list, under the Home tab, click the Number group’s expand control.
The commands in the Number group appear.
21. In the right tab list, click the Formatting group you created earlier. Then, in the left
tab list, click the Number Format item and click the Add button.
Excel 2010 adds the Number Format item to the Formatting custom group.
22. Click OK to save your ribbon customizations, and then click the My Commands
tab on the ribbon.
Important The remaining exercises in this topic assume you are using Excel 2010 as it
was installed on your computer. After you complete this exercise, you should reset the
ribbon to its original configuration so the instructions in the remaining exercises in the
book are consistent with your copy of Excel.
CLEAN UP Save and close all open workbooks. If you are not continuing directly to
the next chapter, exit Excel.
Key Points
Save your work whenever you do something you’d hate to have to do again.
Assigning values to a workbook’s properties makes it easier to find your workbook
using the Windows search facility.
Be sure to give your worksheets descriptive names.
If you want to use a worksheet’s data in another workbook, you can send a copy of
the worksheet to that other workbook without deleting the original worksheet.
You can delete a worksheet you no longer need, but you can also hide a worksheet
in the workbook. When you need the data on the worksheet, you can unhide it.
You can save yourself a lot of bothersome cutting and pasting by inserting and
deleting worksheet cells, columns, and rows.
Customize your Excel 2010 program window by changing how it displays your
workbooks, zooming in on data, adding frequently used buttons to the Quick
Access Toolbar, and rearranging or customizing the ribbon to meet your needs.
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