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In this exercise, you’ll enter data by using multiple methods and control how Excel
formats an extended data series.
SET UP You need the Series_start workbook located in your Chapter02 practice file
folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the Series_start workbook, and
save it as Series . Then follow the steps.
1. On the Monthly worksheet, select cell B3 , and then drag the ill handle down until
it covers cells B3:B7 .
Excel repeats the value Fabrikam in cells B4:B7.
2. Select cell C3 , hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the ill handle down until it covers
cells C3:C7 .
Excel repeats the value January in cells C4:C7.
3. Select cell B8 , and then type the letter F .
Excel displays the characters abrikam in reverse colors.
4. Press Tab to accept the value Fabrikam for the cell.
5. In cell C8 , type February .
6. Right-click cell D8 , and then click Pick From Drop-down List .
A list of values in column D appears below cell D8.
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