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7. From the list, click 2Day .
The value 2Day appears in cell D8.
8. In cell E8 , type 11802.14 , and then press Tab or Enter.
The value $11,802.14 appears in cell E8.
9. Select cell B2 , and then drag the ill handle so that it covers cells C2:E2 .
Excel replaces the values in cells C2:E2 with the value Customer .
10. Click the AutoFill Options button, and then click Fill Formatting Only .
Excel restores the original values in cells C2:E2 but applies the formatting of cell B2
to those cells.
CLEAN UP Save the Series workbook, and then close it.
Moving Data Within a Workbook
You can move to a specific cell in lots of ways, but the most direct method is to click the
desired cell. The cell you click will be outlined in black, and its contents, if any, will appear
in the formula bar. When a cell is outlined, it is the active cell, meaning that you can
modify its contents. You use a similar method to select multiple cells (referred to as a
cell range)—just click the first cell in the range, hold down the left mouse button, and
drag the mouse pointer over the remaining cells you want to select. After you select the
cell or cells you want to work with, you can cut, copy, delete, or change the format of
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