Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Excel pastes the contents of column I into column E.
Keyboard Shortcut Press Ctrl+V to paste worksheet contents exactly as they appear in
the original cell.
Troubleshooting The appearance of buttons and groups on the ribbon changes depending
on the width of the program window. For information about changing the appearance of
the ribbon to match our screen images, see “Modifying the Display of the Ribbon” at the
beginning of this topic.
CLEAN UP Save the 2010Q1ShipmentsByCategory workbook, and then close it.
Finding and Replacing Data
Excel worksheets can hold more than one million rows of data, so in large data collections
it’s unlikely that you would have the time to move through a worksheet one row at a time
to locate the data you want to find. You can locate specific data in an Excel worksheet by
using the Find And Replace dialog box, which has two pages (one named Find , the other
named Replace ) that you can use to search for cells that contain particular values. Using
the controls on the Find page identifies cells that contain the data you specify; using the
controls on the Replace page, you can substitute one value for another. For example, if one
of Consolidated Messenger’s customers changes its company name, you can change every
instance of the old name to the new name by using the Replace functionality.
When you need more control over the data that you find and replace, for instance, if
you want to find cells in which the entire cell value matches the value you’re searching
for, you can click the Options button to expand the Find And Replace dialog box.
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