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14. Click the Format arrow to the right of the Find what field, and then in the
list, click Clear Find Format .
The format displayed next to the Find What field disappears.
15. In the Find what field, type Contoso .
16. In the Replace with field, type Northwind Traders .
17. Click Replace All .
A message box appears, indicating that Excel made three replacements.
18. Click OK to close the message box.
19. Click Close .
The Find And Replace dialog box closes.
CLEAN UP Save the AverageDeliveries workbook, and then close it.
Correcting and Expanding Upon Worksheet Data
After you enter your data, you should take the time to check and correct it. You do need
to verify visually that each piece of numeric data is correct, but you can make sure that
your worksheet’s text is spelled correctly by using the Excel spelling checker. When the
spelling checker encounters a word it doesn’t recognize, it highlights the word and offers
suggestions representing its best guess of the correct word. You can then edit the word
directly, pick the proper word from the list of suggestions, or have the spelling checker
ignore the misspelling. You can also use the spelling checker to add new words to a
custom dictionary so that Excel will recognize them later, saving you time by not requiring
you to identify the words as correct every time they occur in your worksheets.
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