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Which File Formats Does Office 2010 Support?
Extension Description
XPS Document
This export-only format provides a
crossplatform alternative to PDF. For more
information, see “Sharing Your Work in PDF and Other
Formats” on page 95.
Single File Web Page
.mht or
This format, which stores all components of a
web page in a single file for easy portability,
can be viewed in most modern web browsers.
Web Page
.htm or
HTML is the standard language of the web.
Unlike the preceding format, a traditional
HTML document contains only text and
commands; other page elements, such as pictures
and style sheets, are stored in separate files.
Word saves these related files in a subfolder
with the same name as the .htm file.
Web Page, Filtered
.htm or
Saving a document in this format creates a
standard HTML file (and a subfolder with
additional files, if necessary) with Office-specific
tags removed. This can cause the loss of
document features that are supported in Office but
not by standard HTML.
Rich Text Format
This format is widely supported by
wordprocessing programs, including the WordPad
program included with all versions of
Plain Text
This lowest-common-denominator format
contains only unformatted text.
Word XML Document
This format uses XML tags that correspond to
an XML schema, making it useful for some
custom data interchange applications.
Word 2003 XML Document
This uses the Word 2003 implementation of
XML documents.
OpenDocument Text
This XML-based format was originally
developed for use with the office
suite, and it has gained some adherents who
didn’t like the proprietary nature of earlier
binary Office formats.
Works 6–9 Document
This is the format used by Microsoft Works for
word-processing documents.
WordPerfect 5.x
This import-only format lets you read
documents created in WordPerfect; to make
changes, you must save in a different format.
WordPerfect 6.x
.wpd or
This import-only format lets you read
documents created in more recent WordPerfect
versions; to make changes, you must save in a
different format.
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