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Setting a Default File Format
Figure 4-1 On the Info tab in Backstage view, a summary of potential privacy issues appears
next to Check For Issues. Click the button and choose Inspect Document for details and removal.
Setting a Default File Format
As noted earlier, Office 2010 uses Open XML as the default format for documents you
create and save in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. “Default,” in this case, merely means that
when you save a document for the first time, that format is preselected in the Save As
dialog box. (When you open a document in a different format, Office uses the file’s original
format as the default choice when you resave it.)
You might want to select a different format as the default choice, particularly if you
frequently share documents you create with people who don’t have Office 2010 or Office
2007. Changing the default format is easy, but it’s not particularly intuitive. Here’s how:
1. In Backstage view, click Options.
2. In the Options dialog box, click Save.
3. Next to Save Files In This Format, select the format you want to use by default.
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