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Opening and Saving Documents
INSIDE OUT What are the new, incompatible features in each program?
It’d be nice to know before you save a document—or even before you run the
compatibility checker—which features to avoid using so that your document remains compatible
with old Office versions. Although some details are lacking, you can find much of this
information in Help. Open Help for your program and search for compatibility mode .
Opening and Saving Documents
When you open or save a document from within an Office program, you use an Open or
Save As dialog box similar to the one you’ve seen in countless other programs. But these
dialog boxes have evolved over the years, sprouting new features along the way, and they
also have some features unique to Office—so you might want to take a fresh look.
Figure 4-3 shows the Open dialog box used by Word 2010 on Windows 7.
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Figure 4-3 The Open dialog box in Windows 7 has a search box (not available in Windows XP)
and a better Navigation pane than the one in Windows XP or Windows Vista.
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