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Opening and Saving Documents
Show Previous Versions This option opens a folder-like view of earlier
saved versions of the selected folder or file. Previous Versions is a feature of
Windows 7 (all editions) and Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate
editions only) that uses volume shadow copies to periodically preserve copies
of your files.
Note also that the Open dialog box (and the Save As dialog box) are, in effect, small
Windows Explorer windows. That means you can right-click a folder or file to display a menu
of available actions, and you can use all the other Windows Explorer knowledge you’ve
acquired to move, rename, delete, and otherwise manipulate files—all without leaving
For details about searching, working with the Navigation pane, using libraries, and managing
files, we shamelessly recommend Windows 7 Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2009) or, if you use
Windows Vista, Windows Vista Inside Out Deluxe Edition (Microsoft Press, 2008).
You use the Save As dialog box, shown in Figure 4-4, to save a document for the first time
or to save it with a new name or in a different file format.
Figure 4-4 When you save a document, you can specify properties such as Authors and Tags.
The upper part of the dialog box looks and works like the Open dialog box. The lower
section includes a place for you to enter a file name for the document, specify a file format
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