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Sharing Your Work in PDF and Other Formats
Using the Save As dialog box, described in the preceding section, you can select PDF or XPS
as the document type. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offer another path that you might find
easier to use.
1. In Backstage view, click the Save & Send tab.
2. Under File Types, click Create PDF/XPS Document, and then click the Create PDF/XPS
This brings you to the now-familiar Save As dialog box, but with some additional options
available, as shown here.
Open File After Publishing If this option is selected, the PDF or XPS document
opens in the program registered for that document type (typically, Adobe Reader
for PDF and XPS Viewer for XPS). If you don’t have a viewer program installed, this
option is unavailable.
Optimize For Choosing Standard produces high-resolution files suitable for use by
a commercial printer, but the files can be quite large. Choosing Minimum Size
produces files that are smaller and are usually good enough for viewing on a computer
Options In the Options dialog box, you can specify which parts of a document to
include in the output, whether to create bookmarks in the output file, and certain
options specific to PDF or XPS. The options are slightly different for each program,
but they’re generally similar to the Options dialog box for PowerPoint, shown next.
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