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Using Templates to Streamline Document Creation
Using Templates to Streamline Document Creation
By default, when you open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you’re faced with a blank
document, workbook, or presentation into which you can begin typing, formatting, and so on.
Similarly, after launching an Office program, you can create a new blank document by
opening Backstage view, clicking New, and clicking Create. (On the New tab, Blank
Document, Blank Workbook, or Blank Presentation is selected by default.)
But why start with a blank slate? Office can use a template to start a new document.
Templates can be real time savers and help to enforce a uniform appearance to your
documents. Templates can contain text, pictures, styles, and macros, all in place for easy reuse.
Office includes a number of templates for various common document types, such as
letters, budget worksheets, and sales presentations. In addition, hundreds more templates are
available as free downloads from And you can easily create your own templates
by saving a file in a template format.
You can see how templates work by going to the New tab in Backstage view, as shown in
Figure 4-5.
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