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Organizing Office Documents Using File Properties and Details
Advanced Properties This option displays a multitabbed properties dialog box
that provides access to more properties than you thought possible. And if that’s not
enough, you can create your own custom properties. (You can reach this same dialog
box by clicking Document Properties, Advanced Properties in the upper left corner of
the document panel.)
INSIDE OUT Be consistent in your tag usage
Tags (which appear under Keywords on the document panel) are most effective in your
searches when you use them consistently. For example, in the preceding example, you’d
want to be sure that you always use the word Travel instead of using that word and
Travels interchangeably.
The easiest way to enforce this consistency is to enter your tags in the Save As dialog
box rather than the Keywords box in the document panel or the Tags box on the Info
tab in Backstage view. That’s because when you begin typing a tag name in the Save As
dialog box, a list of previously used tags that begin with the letters you type appears;
you can simply select one of those to ensure that the current document is tagged
identically to others you’ve tagged.
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