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Chapter 5: Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text
mind, you can restore the deleted text; for details see “Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat” on
page 115.)
Table 5-2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Text
Keyboard Shortcut
Delete one character to the left of the insertion point
Delete one word to the left of the insertion point or
Delete the selection or one character to the right of the
insertion point
Delete one word to the right of the insertion point
To remove text using the mouse, select the text to delete, right-click, and choose Cut. Note
that doing so moves the text to the Clipboard, enabling you to subsequently paste the text
elsewhere. Unless you’re using the Office Clipboard, the text you delete replaces the
current Clipboard contents. The Backspace and Delete keys do not move text to the Clipboard.
For details about Clipboard operations, see “Using the Clipboard with Office Programs” on
page 129.
One simple but powerful addition to the text-editing capabilities of Office 2010
programs is Paste Options. This enhancement to the basic cut, copy, and paste operations
for moving or copying a selection provides a preview of the available paste formats. For
details see “Using Paste Options” on page 130.
What About Speech Input?
Versions of Office earlier than Office 2007 included rudimentary speech recognition
capabilities that you could use to dictate text and edit documents. This feature is no
longer included in Office because speech recognition is now part of Windows.
Windows 7 and Windows Vista both include speech recognition capabilities that use your
spoken words to work with all programs—not just Office. You can use this feature to
dictate text, to issue commands, to switch between applications (making it easier to
bring in text from other programs), and to perform nearly any computer task without
touching your keyboard or mouse.
To learn about speech recognition capabilities in Windows 7, see For
information about speech recognition in Windows Vista, visit . If you
use Office 2010 with Windows XP, you need to find a third-party program to enable
speech recognition.
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