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Entering Symbols and Other Special Characters
Entering Symbols and Other Special Characters
Not all of the text characters you need to insert in a document are represented by a key on
the keyboard. This is often the case for letters used in languages other than your own, math
symbols, unusual punctuation marks, and many more situations. You can enter such
characters in any of the following ways:
Insert Symbol On the Insert tab of any Office program, click Symbol.
AutoCorrect Type a character sequence associated with an AutoCorrect entry.
Character code If you know the ASCII character code or the Unicode character
code, use a keyboard shortcut to convert those values to a character.
Each of these methods is described in detail next.
Word offers additional ways to enter certain symbols with little or no effort, including
inserting fraction characters and dashes, and lets you define your own shortcut keys for
symbols you use often. For details, see “Inserting Special Characters” on page 200.
Entering Characters with Insert Symbol
A simple visual way to find and insert nonkeyboard characters is with Insert Symbol. Click
the Insert tab, and then click Symbol. In Word, OneNote, and Outlook, a gallery of recently
used symbols appears, as shown next.
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