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Entering Symbols and Other Special Characters
Additional Symbol dialog box features in Word and Outlook make future entry of a
particular character easier:
AutoCorrect To define an AutoCorrect string that Office automatically changes
to the selected character whenever you type the string, click AutoCorrect. For more
information, see the next section.
Shortcut Key If a shortcut key for the selected character has been defined, it
appears near the bottom of the Symbol dialog box. Within a document you can press
the shortcut key (or key sequence) to insert the character without visiting the
Symbol dialog box. To define or change the shortcut key for the selected character, click
Shortcut Key, which opens a dialog box like the one shown next.
You can define multiple key
sequences for a character
Specify whether you want to
use the key sequence in the
current document only or in
all documents based on the
current template
Entering Characters with AutoCorrect
AutoCorrect is a feature that automatically replaces a character sequence that you type
with another sequence you specify. The replacement occurs as you type. The feature was
initially introduced to Word as a tool for automatically correcting common typing errors,
such as typing teh for “the.” But it’s also a convenient way to enter commonly used
characters and symbols that would otherwise require a visit to the Symbol dialog box; you type a
mnemonic character sequence, and Office automatically replaces it with a character.
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