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Entering Symbols and Other Special Characters
Entering Characters with Character Codes
You might’ve noticed the Character Code box in the Symbol dialog box. (See Figure 5-1.)
Each character and symbol is identified by a unique numeric code called a Unicode
character code . Each of the most common letters and symbols—essentially the ones that have
been in every Western-language font since the dawn of the computer age—can
alternatively be identified by its ASCII character code . (ASCII, which stands for American Standard
Code for Information Interchange, is an older character-encoding system that uses a single
byte to represent each character. That provides for a maximum of 256 characters, a
limitation that led to the development of the Unicode system, which supports thousands of
unique characters.)
Once you know the code for a character, you can use that knowledge to insert the
character using the keyboard. Simply use the key combinations shown in Table 5-3.
Table 5-3 Key Combinations for Entering Symbols and Other Characters
Insert a character using its
ASCII character code
Alt+0 code
Hold down Alt as you type a zero followed
by the code as a decimal value (up to three
digits) on the numeric keypad.
Insert a character using its
Unicode character code
code , Alt+X*
Replace the character to the
left of the insertion point with
its Unicode character code
Use this to learn a character’s code without
opening the Symbol dialog box.
Inserting a Character: An Example
As you’ve seen in this section, Office offers several methods for entering symbols and
characters. You’ll undoubtedly use different methods depending on how often you use
a particular character and which method you find easiest to use. For example, to enter
a copyright symbol (©), you could use any of these techniques:
Choose Insert, Symbol. Scroll until you find © on the Symbols tab, select it, and
click Insert.
Choose Insert, Symbol. Scroll until you find © on the Special Characters tab,
select it, and click Insert.
Type (c). A predeined AutoCorrect entry changes this sequence to a copyright
In Word or Outlook (but not Excel, OneNote, or PowerPoint), press Ctrl+Alt+C,
the predeined shortcut key for the copyright symbol.
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