Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Expert Text Editing Techniques
Hold down the Alt key and, on the numeric keypad, type 0169, the decimal ASCII
character code for the copyright symbol.
In Word, OneNote, or Outlook, type a9 (the Unicode character code for the
copyright symbol), and then press Alt+X.
Expert Text Editing Techniques
In the following sections, we describe some features that can make it faster and easier to
produce letter-perfect text. Some, such as the undo and redo features, are used by
practically everyone—but even those familiar features have some capabilities you might not be
aware of. Other features, such as the ability to enter mathematical equations, are used by
few people, but because they make quick work of complex tasks, they’re good to know
about for those rare occasions when you do need them.
Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
As in most Windows-based programs, if you make an error in an Office program you can
undo your last edit by pressing Ctrl+Z. (Table 5-4 shows the keyboard shortcuts for undo,
redo, and repeat operations.) But Office goes further; while you work in an Office program,
it retains a history of each edit you make. You can view this history by clicking the arrow
next to the Undo button, a default resident of the Quick Access Toolbar, as shown next.
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