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Entering Boilerplate and Other Oft-Used Text
Figure 5-2 In Word (shown here) and Outlook, you can preserve formatting as part of the
AutoCorrect entry.
5. In the Replace box, type the mnemonic text you want to use as an abbreviation for
the full text.
6. If you’re using Word or Outlook, select Plain Text or Formatted Text, depending on
whether you want the text to inherit the formatting from the place where you use it
or to always retain its current formatting.
7. Click Add.
While you’re in the AutoCorrect dialog box, review the other options on the AutoCorrect
tab; these options vary a bit between Office programs.
To use AutoCorrect in your document, simply type the mnemonic text you specified. The
moment you follow that text with a space or punctuation mark, or you press Enter, Office
replaces the mnemonic text with the full text.
If you then move the mouse pointer or the insertion point to someplace within or
immediately after the corrected text, a small blue bar appears below the beginning of the inserted
text. Click the bar or press Shift+Alt+F10 to display the AutoCorrect Options menu, shown
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